Ohio’s Bartender Staff for Hire

Let us help you have a successful and carefree affair, one that you can enjoy as much as your guests.

Servers – Bartenders …there when and where they are needed.

Remember your last party?Ohio Bartender

Did you greet your guests at the door and welcome them?
…or were you busy preparing refreshments?

How many drops and spills did you have to clean?

Were you busy mixing drinks instead of mixing with your guests?

Whether you are a victim of plans gone wrong or dealing with your first shindig …we can take the worry off your hands. Party Helpers can provide experienced, well trained, staff at affordable rates that can help you be the host to be toasted.

Get ready. Setting up for your event takes time and thought. (more here about set up services)

We all want to be treated like we are special. Our professional, courteous Greeting Staff will be sure your guests are acknowledged, informed and cared for. We will welcome them, check their coats and hats, receive any gifts and point them in the direction of their wishes.

If you are hosting a themed or surprise party our Greeting Staff will make sure your guests know the plan and pass on any vital instructions as may be necessary.

Beverages, adult or otherwise, may be available from our Wait Staff and/or from our Professional Bartenders. Either way, or both, your guests will be served as they desire without effort on your part.

Whether spreading out a buffet or serving a plated dinner, serving hors d’oeuvres or filling the chip bowls, our trained professional Wait Staff will cater to you and your guests while letting you be a guest at your own party.

Ohio Bartenders for Hire is here to lend an experienced hand.

Services We Offer

Set Up

Food Prep

Greeters and Coat Check

Serve Drinks

Serve Food

Clean Up

Hire a Bartender

Hire a Bartender

Mix Things Up

Why guess at how to make a mojito? Have a professional on hand to mix it correctly.

We set extremely high standards for our bartenders and wait staff. They are fully acquainted with a wide range of drinks and their preparation. Our bartenders meet standards established by the Columbus Bartending School and are TIPS certified.

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